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“The establishment of the Special Economic Zones is a ground breaking initiative”

Kenya Vision 2030 is the country’s development blueprint covering the period 2008-2030. It aims to transform Kenya into a newly industrialized ‘middle-income country providing a high quality life to all its citizens by the year 2030’.

Our roots run far and wide.

For this vision to translate into sustainable economic development and much-needed employment for urban youth, there is need to revolutionalize the industrial and service sectors. A key strategy will entail establishing the Special Economic zones that are expected to be a major driver of Economic growth. In addition, Industrial and Technology parks are key elements of the infrastructure supporting the growth of today’s global knowledge economy.

The establishment of the special Economic Zones is a ground breaking initiative by the present government, through the Ministry of Industrialization and Enterprise development. Kenya is strategically located in East Africa with access to a modern Railway network, a vibrant port, an international airport and continuously improving road infrastructure making it the regional hub for investors. Further, Kenya has vast human resources and a huge untapped growth potential full of attractive incentives and liberal policies for investors within the Special Economic Zone. The DL Group has taken lead in establishing the first Special Economic zone in Kenya to meet the exponentially growing demand for industrial and manufacturing space from investors keen on investment opportunities in Kenya, and the East Africa region. The Zone will provide a One Stop Service Center and an attractive competitive incentive structure. On behalf of the board of Africa Economic Zone Ltd, I extend a warm invitation to local and foreign investors, to invest in the special Economic zone located in Eldoret City, Kenya, and share mutual growth and prosperity

Vision & Mission

Vision – To be a world-class operator of a prestigious Special Economic Zone that aims to improve the Quality of Life and Prosperity of the Community through a Sustainable Development.

Mission – Our mission is to provide a globally competitive and ecologically sustainable Business Environment to the investors to strengthen Kenya regional competitiveness through the development and operation of a thriving Special Economic Zone