• We work with global industries!

Our Purpose

Our purpose at AEZ is to put Kenya on the map as a leading economy and business growth engine through opportunity identification and capture, efficient service delivery, clear incentives and good governance

Our Vision

We are creating a better future for Kenyans and our partners by designing and delivering world’s best services and facilities to meet the next generation business goals of our customers and stakeholders.

We help create new growth through shared value in Africa

Our Values

Shared value:We know we succeed when our partners succeed. Our aim is to constantly deliver return on investment for our government stakeholders and our business partners. Ultimately, we measure success in benefits to the people of Kenya and the world.

Growth with integrity: We support new growth for local and international businesses, striving to maximise return on investment - based on our agreed values and benchmark performance standards.

Transforming: We constantly strive to do better: We support our customers and partners to achieve their current and future goals. And we challenge global models and standards to improve what we do and how we do it so we can build a better future.

Transparent governance: We cut through red tape while delivering consistent and open management of rules and regulations. We do not play favourites.

Leading through innovation: We constantly strive to be ahead of the game. We innovate in the design and delivery of our policies, coordination and facilitation services responding to the needs of our customers.

Welcoming connection: We work openly and honestly with local and international partners, collaborating to achieve shared value in long term relationships